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Home Health Payment Options 

The idea of having a skilled team of professionals on hand to help you take care of your home healthcare needs is reassuring, but you can't help but wonder just how much it will cost. With the amazing services of CareResource Hawaii, we'll take the time to discuss the payment options with you to help determine which one best fits your needs.
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Medicare Home Health Benefits will pay for skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and home health services under the following conditions:
  1. Patient must be homebound*
  2. Care must be medically necessary**
  3. Care must be part-time or intermittent
  4. The patient requires at least one skilled professional service, like a nurse, physical therapist, or speech therapist
  5. Care must be provided by a Medicare-Certified Home Care Agency
  6. Must have a signed Physicians' Order for requested service(s)
  7. Services must be delivered in the patient's primary place of residence
*Medicare Homebound Status Criteria: leaving the home would require a "considerable and taxing effort", leaving requires assistance from another person or special transportation, the patient can only leave for short periods of time, or the patient is temporarily homebound while recovering from surgery, serious illness, or trauma.

**Usually for conditions that are acute and serious, not chronic and stable. 

For more information about Medicare health plans, look in your "Medicare &You" handbook, call 1-800-MEDICARE, or go to www.medicare.gov.
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Medicaid health insurance can help if you can't afford to pay some or all of your medical bills. It's available if you meet the financial eligibility requirements set by your state law. For the most part, Medicaid will cover the same services as the Medicare Home Health Benefits.
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Private Insurance

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Most private insurance policies have a Home Health benefit that includes some or all of the services provided under the Medicare and Medicaid Home Health Benefits. Each insurance company has specific coverage, co-pays, and eligibility requirements, but CareResource Hawaii will work with your insurance company to provide best possible plan.
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Long term care insurance

Many long term care insurance policies will pay for private or personal care services, but certain requirements need to be met. The caring staff at CareResource Hawaii will help you determine whether home care qualifies as a benefit under your current plan.
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Private pay

While companion, personal care services, and some private nursing services are not usually covered under medical insurance plans, you can privately pay for those services. Give us a call at 808-599-4999 for a current list of rates.
Give us a call at 808-599-4999 for more information!
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