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There are many types of caregivers - you might be a care assistant in a care home or a nursing home, you might be the primary caregiver of a relative, or you might be the caregiver of a friend. Whatever your relationship with the person in your care, you will be faced with challenges that you have not had to meet before and it can be difficult to know where to start and what to do. 

As a caregiver, you've probably had many questions in your new role, and ElderPages Online is available to make your job a little easier...

Here are some examples of what this online resource offers: 
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Caring for aging parents

Caring for aging parents can be very rewarding. It can also be hard work! From helping with errands, to cooking, to eventually even bathing or helping your loved one eat, elder care will call on your time and tug on your heartstrings. Even if all you do is phone your parent more often than before, it is one more thing added to your already busy life.
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You are a family caregiver

The average family caregiver will spend 4.3 years actively assisting an ailing relative. With that in mind, you need to pace yourself. And you need to get help.
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You don't have to do it all

Many adult children fall into the understandable trap of believing they have to do it all themselves. The more constructive approach, however, is to think in terms of working as part of a team. As the saying goes, "A joy shared is twice the gladness; a grief shared is half the sorrow." Working with others requires coordinating. But you will not be so exhausted trying to shoulder it all yourself.
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Your family team

To begin with, you and your family member are a team. Even if he or she needs lots of your help, when all is said and done, it is your older relative's life. Negotiating the dance of when to lead and when to follow is part of the elder care journey. Good communication with your family member, and knowing how to set limits will be important skills to develop.
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If you have brothers and sisters, it is optimal if all of you can collaborate to share in the care of your parents. Easy to say, not necessarily easy to do!
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Teaming up with professionals

You can also team up with professionals in the field of aging. Often with professional expertise they can quickly and easily accomplish something that could take you many frustrating days. Plus, because they know the local service providers, they can save you time in matching your needs and resources with the providers best suited to your situation.
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Tools and tips

Below are tips and tools that can help you in your elder care journey:
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Benefits of establishing a routine

A good routine will have a very beneficial effect on the person you are caring for. The stabilizing influence of a routine will make life happier and less stressful for both you and the person in your care. There are many things for you to remember and do such as administering medication, attending to personal hygiene, and preparing meals, and a good routine will help you remember what to do and when. For the elderly person, the routine will be reassuring and will make them feel happy in the knowledge that the things that they can no longer do are getting done. Seniors love routine and hate unexpected things and chaos.
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